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DAVID GRIESEMER asked 5 months ago

Last updated on December 14th, 2017 at 02:06 am

With Bifinex now kicking off US customers, Binance presently having difficult processing deposits and sales, and Bit520 appearing inscrutable, what is the best way to buy IOTA with USD for residents of the United States?

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Steven Hay answered 4 months ago

Hi David,
I heard that the IOTA network is experiencing problems, so now might not be the best time to use it. You could also try CoinOne, the Korean exchange, OKex. There are some further markets listed by CoinMarketCap, although most don’t have any significant volume which means that you probably won’t get a good price:

Michael replied 4 months ago

I have heard that another place to buy IOTA is Binance, a Chinese exchange. I applied a couple days ago and haven’t heard back yet. I assume they are extremely busy.

If others find an exchange to buy IOTA please share!

Jony replied 4 months ago

I´m from Portugal (europe) what is the best trdding platform to buy IOTA, that accept Euros.
Thank you

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