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Johann Schneider asked 2 years ago


I collect on satoshis with my PC at home and with the pc at work.
Unfortunately, the satoshi of the two PC’s are not added, so I have accumulated on both PCs with the same account Satoshis.

The three XAPO addresses listed below all refer to the same account.
In other Faucets I have not noticed any problems because of the spelling.

Why did I get a payout for the XAPO address “3H3wzynwhtfAeFkeCC4w8afXKhooSEKpue” on the workstation PC, but not for the others.
Can these sums be merged and paid out?

Below is the list

PC at home:

XAPO-Adresse: 3H3wzynwhtfAeFkeCC4w8afxKhooSEKpue
Unpaid: 0.00024365 BTC

XAPO-Adresse: 3H3wzynwhtfAeFkeCC4w8afXKhooSEKpue
Unpaid: 0.00010135 BTC

PC at work:

XAPO-Adresse: 3H3wzynwhtfAeFkeCC4w8afxKhooSEKpue
Unpaid: 0.00023165 BTC

XAPO-Adresse: 3H3wzynwhtfAeFkeCC4w8afXKhooSEKpue
Unpaid: 0.00000650 BTC
Paid: 0.00015708 BTC

XAPO-Adresse: 3H3wzynwhtfAeFkeCC4w8afxKhooSEkpue
Unpaid: 0.00000100 BTC

Best regards

Johann Schneider

Ofir Beigel replied 2 years ago

Bitcoin addresses start with either a 1 or a 3 and there’s a specific calculation done to check if they are valid. In order to see if an address is valid go to and enter the address to see its history. When I enter your address I get “Unrecognized search pattern” meaning the address isn’t valid and I have no way of sending payment to an invalid address.
I suggest contacting Xapo and asking how come they are supplying invalid addresses – perhaps it’s some internal address between Xapo accounts. Once you have a valid address I will transfer your funds over there.

Johann Schneider replied 2 years ago

It’s a valid XAPO address.

Ofir Beigel replied 2 years ago

I just checked your address – it’s not a valid Bitcoin address. You probably mistyped it. That’s why you didn’t get paid. Where did you get it from?

Johann Schneider replied 2 years ago

But I have not!
And now?
How is it going on?

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

first of all please direct all questions related to the faucet to the faucet homepage (there’s a comment section).
Regardless, I’m not sure I understand the issue – these are all the same address – so you got paid the total¬†amount for all of your claims. Payouts are done to a machine (i.e. laptop, mobile, etc), they are done to a Bitcoin address. In this case you used the same address on all 3 devices so they balance accumulated to that specific address.
Could it be that you’re registered under different usernames on each computer ?

Ofir Beigel replied 2 years ago

I’ve transferred the balance here 3H3wzynwhtfAeFkeCC4w8afXKhooSFKpue

Johann Schneider replied 2 years ago

I have now checked all the other Faucets that I use. These all work smoothly with the XAPO address 3H3wzynwhtfAeFkeCC4w8afXKhooSFKpue.
This address is one of the addresses I use at 99bitcoins. The others are only accidental lowercase letters.
Please summarize all my credit at the above address and then delete the other entries. This should work, right?

Best regards

Ofir Beigel replied 2 years ago

Then you should have gotten the total balance transferred to your account

Johann Schneider replied 2 years ago

No, I use always the same username.

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