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Henry Eghaghe asked 2 years ago

Hi, I paid for Web hosting using this address – 13dnaA9oxiPxd4t8eXQXJtpkgxVAvtJoLn but the seller keeps telling me the payment didn’t reflect on their system. I have checked the transaction history and it is confirmed on Blockchain. You can check too. No BTC was refunded to my account. Name of the Web Hosting company is

Please, is there a way to trace the BTC address to them?

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Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Henry,
indeed as shown here the payment was made on May 3rd, and then the funds were transffered to a different address on May 4th. 
I know there are some companies who deal with Blockchain analytics, however I don’t think the amount you have invested at the moment will be worth their investigation.
The interesting this is that after taking a look at their website, it doesn’t seem to be set up like a scam website. Of course I can’t be sure, but a lot of their parameters seem legit. Are you sure you’ve reached a dead end with their customer service? Have you sent them the link to the blockchain transaction showing you sent the money?

Henry Eghaghe replied 2 years ago

Yeah, I have been communicating to them and they insist that the payment is not reflecting on their system. They are suggesting that I check my wallet if it was refunded. Nothing was refunded to my wallet after 13 days and counting. It’s a shame. Probably I am just being a victim of their scam antics.

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