Private Bitcoin Consulting

Phil asked 12 months ago

Ofir are you interested in selling a few hours of private bitcoin consulting? I so please PM me. Thanks.

Steven Hay replied 12 months ago

Hi Phil,

As Zsofia says, 99 Bitcoins doesn’t really do that sort of thing. I might be able to help you in my private capacity starting from next week. If you’re interested, please reply with the general outline of what you need done, the hourly rate you offer and your email address. I will contact you if I feel I’m able to help, if not I will try to put you in touch with a suitable expert.

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 12 months ago

Hi Phil,
We do not do private consultation on 99Bitcoins, however, we are happy to answer any questions you may have here. Please feel free to respond below and we will answer. 

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