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C asked 1 year ago

Hi,what has zcash,dash got over Monero?half price! Is it undervalued or probs in the pipes?will it catch up?also ur thoughts on DivX please?love ur honest trusting answers so hope you can give a little knowledge again,lol, thanks. Love you all

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Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi C,
In my opinion, what Dash has over Monero is hype and shameless marketing! Dash has Amanda Johnson, music videos, lots of shills, the lure of free-money-masternodes and… That’s about it really. Dash had a rather scammy pre-mine, which has tainted the trustworthiness of masternodes and its incenctives in general.
Monero was launched fairly and is technically superior, not just in my opinion but in that of several Bitcoin developers and early adopters. Monero’s privacy is also relied upon by all the darknet market traders who are trusting it with their freedom. When one of the large darknet markets was seized recently (perhaps it was AlphaBay?), the authorities were unable to get any useful info from the Monero addresses, unlike the other cryptocurrencies they captured.
Check out my article on Monero for more detail on why I think it’s the premier privacy coin:
zCash had a setup phase which required trust in a number of individuals… Peter Todd, who was one of the individuals involved, has publically crticized this process. It leads to inherently weaker and more “trusty” security than in Monero’s case. That said, Snowden has recommended zCash, which is a pretty strong endorsement. Both coins have had their problems but I’d tend to trust Monero more, if only because it’s been around for longer without suffering any privacy breaches (that I’m aware of). I reckon zCash is better for privacy than Dash though.
DivX is a video format… I think you made a typo?

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