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Eless asked 2 years ago

Hi there. Thanks to Ofir for help in claiming Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. But what about all the other forks? I tried to use the same methods to claim them, but they don’t work, either because an intermediary doesn’t support the coin or there is no trading platform to transfer it to, yet there are a few notable ones that for me would be worth hundreds of dollars if I could trade them in – adding up to thousands of dollars! Just sitting on the table… wikipedia has a helpful list of bitcoin forks here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bitcoin_forks
Ideally I would like to collect all of these either to hold or exchange for something I like. The more time passes though, the more confusing it gets because I have to keep track of where my btc were and when. Any tips on any of these? (Other than BCH and BTG since they were already covered in other articles)
Thanks so much!

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Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hey Eless,
At this time, the only available forkcoins are Super Bitcoin (SBTC), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) & perhaps, Bitcoin God.
Super Bitcoin markets:
Bitcoin Diamond markets:
Bitcoin God is supposedly available on some markets too, according to this:

As for claiming, be careful. Bitcoin Gold’s wallet was found to contain malware and it’s entirely possible that these other coins may be malicious too. See this warning from Gavin Andresen:
Gavin is quite right that you should move your Bitcoins before entering their (no longer valid) private key into the forkcoin wallet. The last thing you want is to give a potentially-malicious forkcoin the privkeys which control all your Bitcoin! If you follow this rule, you should be fairly safe when it comes to using these forkcoin wallets… But remember to scan them for malware, with your own virus scanner and sites like VirusTotal.
A useful subreddit for following forkcoins developments is to be found here:

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