king harry asked 1 year ago

Good day
I have used a payment system called Payza online to receive payment. However, called my account with no valid reason and they said they would contact me concerning the funds in the account. I have sent countless emails with no response at all and it’s not like its a physical place you can go to and demand your money. I have seen lot of helpful information  on your website and I love you faucet. DO you have any advice on how to approach such a problem?
Ps: I have emailed them with a different email address with a random question and they responded. however, when the question shifted to stuff regarding my information they went quiet.
Kind regards 

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Harold,
What I usually advise in these situations is for the complainant to broadcast their complaint on the company’s social media channels. I see Payza has an empty subreddit but a fairly active Twitter feed and Facebook page. I’m not sure if comments are allowed on these last two however. You might try these channels and see if you’re able to comment / get a response.
Also check out consumer complaint websites. Here is a detailed list of the largest ones:
Unfortunately, there’s not much else I can suggest which might solve your problem. In future, just use Bitcoin. While things can still go wrong with Bitcoin, the consolation is that 9 times out of 10 it’s your mistake rather than the whim of some distant corporation.

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