Password Not Resetting

Paul Pritsis asked 1 year ago

I’ve forgotten the login password for and tried doing the reset. It sends me a link,
I can open the page, but it doesn’t prompt me to create a new password. Tried different browser, clearing caches and cookies etc etc.
I want to ask a question regarding Exodus. I have a bunch of coins in my Electrum wallet and was interested in claiming my BCH. I created a new wallet with Exodus since it can automatically calculate the BCH prior to the fork to send to an exchange. Is it possible to transfer my coins to the Exodus wallet without incurring large fees in the process? I calculated that it will cost me a couple of thousand dollars to do the move. Will I still be better off or come out ahead once I sell the BCH? You advice is appreciated!

2 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hi Paul, regarding your faucet question please send us an inquiry through the contact us page
Regarding your exodus wallet – I think you have something mixed up here. First of all transaction fees should not reach thousands of dollars (even if you’re moving large sums of Bitcoin). So I’m not sure how you calculated this but I think you’ve made a mistake during the process.
Also, if you had coins prior to the fork and now move them to Exodus – that won’t give you BCH. In order to claim your BCH you need to follow to process we’ve described previously by extracting the private key from Electrum and importing it to a BCH supported wallet.
Let me know if you have any more questions.

Paul Pritsis answered 1 year ago

So the only way to is move the existing bitcoins to a new wallet and address, is that right? What will happen to any more coins sent to the old address(es) after I move them. Should I not use the old addresses for Bitcoin any longer?

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