Omissions in Bitcoing History

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Joshua Knutson asked 3 weeks ago

Last updated on February 27th, 2018 at 01:21 am

Here are some things omitted from the Bitcoin history that had an effect on the value:

3/12/2017 – Cyprus bailout makes people re-examine the current financial system.

Dec. 2017 – CBOE and CME Futures announced. Mistakenly this is taken as a form of mainstream legitimacy by enthusiasts. Little did they know this was a tool to destroy bitcoin. Value soared as ignorant traders jumped in high.

Jan. 2018 – First round of futures pay off. Bears rake in. Still, futures are regarded by the community as a positive. They are being scammed. Miners will do mass sells, late holders will as well. Banks will come to them with sweetheart deals and partner up with corporations and create ways to exchange what will soon be useless, illegal or both for gift cards, and e-checks. All for inflated values.

Exchanges will fall, corruption will spread and panic will lead to a demise.

Do you think the investor who purchased $400 mil in $8k btc did so benevolently or as a smart investment?


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Zsofia Elek answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Joshua,
Thanks for raising these items. Upon review, it looks like most of them are already on the chart, we will add some new events for 2018 later on.

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