George asked 1 year ago

About a year ago I bought a bitcoin from a guy at a Starbucks and he showed me how to download a wallet on my phone to keep it in where it still sits. I would like to turn it into cash, is there an exchange I can upload it to and sell it on that exchange?Thanks much. G in Seattle.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi George,
Sure, you can do this on any exchange which supports US customers. You just need to sign up with the exchange, verify your identity (this might take a while) and link your bank account for withdrawing the USD.
Once you’re signed up with an exchange, they’ll give you a Bitcoin deposit address. You send the Bitcoins from your phone wallet to the exchange’s wallet, then sell them in he market (or via their quick sell option, if they have one). You may then withdraw the USD.
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