Not sure why this suddenly appeared – "Your address was disabled"

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsNot sure why this suddenly appeared – "Your address was disabled"

WhatIf asked 1 year ago

Sorry to bother you with this but I cannot find a solution.
I have only recently started using your sites faucet and all was going well until today when it suddenly started showing “Your address was disabled” when I tried to use it. I had been using it successfully right up until about 5 to 6 minutes before it started doing this. I had not changed anything. All I was doing was watching TV and swapping over the TV’s input to the PC during the ad breaks.
So far I have tried refreshing the page, logging out and then back in, closing and reopening the browser (IE), tried another browser (Firefox) after logging out. I had not gone over 120 claims (the most I have done is 93 in 24 hours), I had no VPN, et cetera on, I am not using (don’t even know how) any bot, et cetera to scam the system.
I read through the FAQ and checked my original wallet address, then I used copy/paste (just in case) and updated my profile. It says in the FAQ to keep the same wallet address even if it changes (or the total reverts back to zero and you only pay the nominated address). When I checked the wallet address on Blockchain, it had changed (luckily I had kept a copy) even though I had not done any transactions or anything else there (I presume they changed it automatically as per the privacy issue you mention in the FAQ).
I cannot see anything listed in the FAQ’s to help me in this situation.I cannot figure what has gone wrong and I cannot see anything I have done to cause this.and I am now at a loss as to why this happened. So, unfortunately, I am bothering you – Sorry.
My next steps, whilst I await your reply, is to turn off the PC and clear all browser cookies and restart the whole thing. I might even try another PC. Although I am not sure that it will help, at least I will be trying (hopefully not in a bad way  :-) Ha Ha) something.
Here’s hoping you can help. And I really appreciate what you (Ofir) and your crew are doing on this site. Lots of good info and it is not biased – just straightforward, plus easy to read and understand. I would have no Satoshi at all if it were not for 99Bitcoins – a big THANKS to all.
Have a great day,

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 1 year ago

Hi Gary,
First of all thank you for the good words about the site. Your address is automatically disabled if you break one of the Faucet rules, in most cases this is if you claim over 120 times during a 24 hour period or use VPN to connect to the site. If you think none of these or the events listed in the FAQ has happened, could you please reach out to us using the contact form? Please provide the BTC address you are using and the email address and we will take a look.

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