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DR asked 12 months ago

Hello. I’m starting to investigate cryptocurrency. In addtion to Bitcoin, I’d like to purchase EOS. After researching this a little, I’ve learned that, at this time, I cannot purchase EOS in the US, however, I think I can in other countries? Also, they have specific requirements for compatible wallets. I’m not sure how to proceed – can you offer some guidance?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hey DR<
Oh right, if EOS is an ICO then many of those are banned due to US securities regulations. If you’re an American, you should just wait for EOS to come out of its ICO phase and then purchase it when it’s available as a regular altcoin. If the ICO website sees that you’re not in America but some other country, then you should have no trouble investing…
EOS tokens can be stored in an Ethereum wallet which is compatible with ERC-20 tokens – is my usual recommendation.
I haven’t ever looked at EOS but you should know that a lot of ICOs are a lot more hype than substance and invest accordingly.

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