New Scam stealing BTC

Wayne asked 1 year ago

There is a new scam that’s stealing BTC from user at this address it’s called Bitcoin Generator, they make you believe that they can magically make BTC appear and then send it to your wallet address, but only if you pay them for the .002 BTC for the network fee, so it’s about $22.00USDsmall sume but when you get 1000’s of users doing it that’s a lot of BTC. Just thought you might want to pass it along to you members.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Wayne,
Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention. I will include a note to the site owner, who might want to add it to our page about scams. The problem is that so long as people are greedy and don’t think things through, scammers will always find new ways to trick people out of their money!

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