New German co., in the btc space, is a scam right out of the gate! Can you pass this on please?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsNew German co., in the btc space, is a scam right out of the gate! Can you pass this on please?

Mark Wittkowski asked 2 years ago

You guys were instrumental in my early adoption of btc; so I thought I share this with you.
We take the btc industry reputation VERY serious for obvious reasons and preserving the confidence in this space is paramount. Thank God my partner just spent a little bit of money testing this new arrival out, but we are really motivated to bust this German scam company up before they’re able to get any traction.

We were also really motivated to find a trusted partner that made it seamless and easy to buy btc with Paypal. Well I knew I should have waited a couple days for our virwox verification. I’m sure we won’t have any trouble with them. If anyone knows of a trustworthy partner that uses Paypal’s services, please let us know just in case!Here’s the screwed up part that pissed me off.
We’ve processed a crap load of charges and purchases through Paypal over the years and I’ve never friggen heard of anything like this! When we tried to JUST file a complaint in the Resolution Center I got this %!&#*@&# message.
“We’re sorry, but this transaction cannot be disputed because it is not a purchase of goods or services. Please contact the recipient directly.” Yours Truly, Paypal
Some-friggen-how this little p-o-s 30 day old website was able to set this up! I’ve haven’t talk to Paypal yet but emailed them about this and mentioned that we’d love to go on this program, so I can continue to charge credit cards daily, yet be released from any consequence or commitment to actually fulfill anything! I haven’t heard back other than their std autoresponse telling us to go to the Resolution Center and file a complaint. Nice. I guess this special merchant program that is able to use isn’t that common.

Of course we haven’t heard a peep out of these jokers in nearly a week.

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Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Mark, really sorry to hear about this. Perhaps next time you can run some steps for verifying the authenticity of a site before investing money in it. Here’s a guide about how to do it. I doubt if Bitnake would have passed it.

The Bitcoin Scam Test – 10 Tools to Determine if a Bitcoin Business is Legit


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