nanoS & paper wallet simultaneously??

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maria brower asked 2 years ago

can bitcoin & also others, specifically eth & litecoin be put in nanoS and still make a paper wallet copy? i am new to all of this & have yet to attempt a paper wallet & have not yet received my nanoS order yet.. thank you so much Ofir & i hope i put this in the right place :)

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Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Maria, this is indeed the right place :)
Let me try to make some sense out of all of this. The Nano S is a wallet that has a “seed”, meaning a list of 12-24 words that act as the password to that wallet. When you set up the wallet for the first time you need to write down that seed and keep it in a safe place, so in case something happens to the device in the future, you can still recover your Bitcoins.
A paper wallet is a different wallet. It’s not related to the Nano S, it’s just a piece of paper that has your Bitcoin address and your private key (similar to the Nano’s seed) written on it.
You could say that the piece of paper that you write your Nano’s seed on is like a paper wallet version of your Nano s.
Hope this makes more sense now.

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