My first 0.05089171 BITCOIN

Antonio asked 10 months ago

Hi guys,

First of all a very big thanks to all of you over there @99BTCNS! Wow it has been a week on intense reading, and my head is still there somewhere just a bit heavier from all this very useful info. I was considering to purchase a miner ANT S9 or something, (maybe 2) then I thought (after all your very useful tips) about the cost of electricity over here…… mining it would be just an hobby in the end, maybe getting your ROI back in 18 to 24 months. Still if I were living high in the mountains at -20 Celsius and with a river near by where I could put a generator in, and maybe near my house a wind turbine .. with solar panels …. bla bla bla.

Good idea some French company is producing a heather that actually mines while it keeps your house warm. So after all of this confusion I’m still reading, at work during my break and also when I comeback home. Just to make sure I’m still very confused :-) I love it though.Following on your advise I’m not going to become a miner after all when I grow up guys. Instead I’ve decided to purchase a cold wallet (Ledger Nano S), and anytime soon throw in $500 just to see what happens and how the all lot functions in the real world. Oh yes I have a question, are all BTCN vendors ok with selling such a small percentage of a BTCN? Thank you again


1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 10 months ago

Hi Antonio,
Yes, I can tell you’re in what Andreas Antonopolous described as a “fugue state.” When you first really get interested in Bitcoin, it can become an obsession which takes over your available brain power for quite some time! It’s a good thing so just go with it and enjoy the ride of discovery.
As for selling $500 worth of BTC, sure most vendors are quite happy to sell such a quantity. Even $50 is OK although you might have trouble with $5. This is because most exchanges charge fees for deposit, withdrawal and trading which could add up to $5 or more, depending on the payment methods you use.

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