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Godfried Traime asked 2 years ago

Could you perhaps do a review about LifeStyleGalaxy? They mine in the pool and offer a mining contract where you re-purchase H/s at a rate of at least 35% (or max 100%; then you don’t get any payment that day but you buy more H/s). That way you keep up with the rate of difficulty (of build up your mining capacity and then start earning at a higher rate). I haven’t seen this kind of contract anywhere else but is it reliable? Is it profitable? You can mine BTC of ETH or Zcash at the moment.

TJ Schmitz replied 1 year ago

better off holding

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Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hi Godfried,
as a general rule I don’t review cloud mining companies. I just don’t believe they are good investments. You can read my review about Genesis Mining and understand why I think so.

Rohan replied 1 year ago

Im wanting to join up with gallaxy but need to ask a few questions first but unable to find any contact details on their site

Gene replied 1 year ago

Thanks for your feed back can you possibly tell me the difference between the retail route and joining please

Carola Meyer replied 1 year ago

Agreeing with Ralph – Galaxy Mining is NOT a cloud mining facility; it is part of the massive pool. I have been mining with Galaxy (previously Dragon Mine) for about 15 months and am more than satisfied (understatement!) with the returns – in fact, I keep using the payouts to buy more mining contracts. We own the mining hardware (or, if it’s just a small contract, a part of a particular miner), which is securely hosted and managed for us.
There are a lot of internet marketers out there using fake scam stories involving Galaxy Mining as clickbait for their own adverts. I appreciate that you didn’t do that, Ofir.
The contracts include a requirement that we plough at least 35% of production back into the mine to counteract the effects of increasing difficulty. This works well and keeps us more than competitive. Some of my mines are set at 100% repurchase (i.e. purchasing more mining capacity) and are multiplying at a crazy rate. A good place to be – I hope to keep doing that for 2-3 years and then switch to paying out some percentage to fund my early retirement. I hope you’ve followed up with whoever invited you, Godfried Traime. I highly recommend Galaxy Mining – and Lifestyle Galaxy in general, whether you choose to go the retail route (small mines, not joining fee) or jump straight into the value club membership.

Andre replied 1 year ago

Ive tried quite a few mining solutions that ranges from outright scams the tried and tested legitimate options like Genesis. Unfortunately the difficulty caused my genesis contract to become unprofitable rather quickly. However Im by far the happiest with my Galaxy Mine results after 16months of mining with them. Certainly the best and most trusted solution I have found

ralph replied 2 years ago

Galaxy Mine is not a cloud mining facility.

Ruan answered 1 year ago

Is the mining contracts from galaxy an actual contract, or is it a once off payment of say $500 for the smallest contract?

Andy replied 1 year ago

I see that Laura wanted a link:
Galaxy mining is to be found on a new web adress, since end of 2017. Try using this one :

Laura replied 1 year ago

I can’t seem to find a website for galaxy:/. Anyone have a link

Jeahan replied 1 year ago

I went to a meeting yesterday where lifestyle galaxy had a presentation and i must say i am very interested .The meeting was in Cape Town

Moses Malepe replied 1 year ago

What is the minimum investment allowed? I would like to come onboard but can only afford $25

Andy answered 1 year ago

Laura and others

Try this referal website I have at LifeGalaxy mining

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