Mark Harrison asked 11 months ago

Good Evening:I am enjoying for videos.  I am still mew to mining. I have just purchased an Antminer L3+(for scrypted coins)  and an Avalon 741.for Bitcoin. If i am pleased with the results, what miner would you purchase next? Ethereum GPU rig or additional Bitcoin or scrypted miners.
Thank you very much. Dr Mark Harrison

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hi Mark,
Glad that you’re finding the videos enjoyable. I’d say the choice is between a DragonMint 16 TH/s miner (available May) for Bitcoin:

DragonMint T1 Miner

or a good GPU rig for mining Ethereum and other GPU-mineable coins.
The GPU option is more far flexible. Not only do the GPU cards have far higher resale value but they’re able to mine a wide variety of cryptos, whereas the ASIC can only mine SHA-256 coins (Bitcoin, Bcash, and a few others of note).
The major problem with GPU mining is that the high demand for efficient cards for this purpose has driven up their prices quite dramatically. You may find yourself unable to get a good card at a fair price. If you’re able to find cards at a fair price however, you might even make more profit by reselling them to miners than by actually mining crypto!

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