Melonport: Any one know anything about them?

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C Forster asked 1 year ago

I’m looking into better blockchain asset management tools (for personal portfolio management reasons) and wondered if there were any thoughts on the Melonport people?
Thanks for your help!

3 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hi there!
I actually haven’t heard about them, if you can send me a link I will take a look. Also, can you please explain a bit more what you mean when you say “blockchain asset management” ?

C Forster replied 1 year ago

Hi Ofir. Thanks for your reply. Basically, I’m looking for something to help me manage the various cryptocurrencies I have. Exodus is what I use currently, and while it’s awesome, it only provides a static picture of what you hold. I’m looking for something that is dynamic, allowing me to see changes over time so I can see how well the currencies are performing (since i primarily use them as an investment). I came across melonport, but i’m not entirely sure what they do. Anyway, if you have any suggestions, it’d be great to hear!

Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Ah ok, now I get it. Well Exodus is indeed great. Perhaps you can also open an account on Coingecko and enter your different assets to get a dashboard of what’s going on. I don’t deal with currencies other than Bitcoin at the moment so I can’t personally suggest anything. 
Regarding Melonport, just like any other “blockchain business” it’s too complicated to understand at the moment :) 

Kusta answered 1 year ago

Anyone can help me how to chack my Bitcoin profit from the dashboard

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