Make a new MyEtherWallet using Ledger Nano S?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsMake a new MyEtherWallet using Ledger Nano S?

Kai asked 12 months ago

I have searched about MyEtherWallet & Ledger Nano S Guide, BUT I have not found how can I create a new MyEtherWallet!
I want to make a new MyEtherWallet using Ledger Nano S, is that possible OR I must make new MyEtherWallet normal and then connect that wallet to Ledger Nano S?
and by the way could you please tell me how Ledger Nano S know which wallet I will connect, must I give him the address etc., I need to know how its work, I know its for private key for sending that is ok, but my question how Ledger Nano S know the privat key for the MyEtherWallet.
THANKS for patience

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hi Kai,
I recommend that you follow this guide, starting from the heading “Enabling your Ledger Nano S to work with MyEtherWallet”:

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