lost passphrase on a bitaddress.org btc address

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Jason Bouchard asked 9 months ago


Is there a way to recover a passphrase for a paper wallet bitcoin address that begins with ‘6’, that is, I think, a bit38 address. I have the private key.


1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 9 months ago

Hi Jason,
When you say passphrase, do you mean a password which you created? Or a randomized passphrase which was created for you? If the former, it could well be crackable. If the latter, there’s really not much hope at all.
The only way to recover a password, short of remembering it or finding a backup, would be to crack it. Unless you have some cracking knowledge, you’ll need to find a trusted person or service to attempt the crack for you. If you can remember anything about the password (you say it starts with a 6?) such as the length or any likely words, numbers or characters it contains, that could help a lot. 
If you want to go ahead, I recommend reading and / or contacting the guy behind this website:
Passphrases and BIP38 itself are designed to be secure against cracking, so you’ve got almost no chance of recovering the coins if you used a random passphrase.

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