Lost btc from Xapo to Blockchain…..

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Mauro Parodi asked 1 year ago

I transfered 0.00378316 btc from my Xapo wallet to my Blockchain wallet last march 12th
(screenshot http://prntscr.com/itdegn ) and the funds seems to be “unspent”
(= non spesi screenshot http://prntscr.com/itdfja)
But it even seems that this transfer is complete and confirmed……but the funds are not in my wallet. Now, the amount is not so big to be worried but as both says that the fault is of the other I would know who is the thief ……….do you think it’s possible?
thank for your help.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hi Mauro,
I see that funds were received by the address in question on the 12th of March:
Clearly, 0.00377296 BTC (the smaller amount is likely due to the mining / withdrawal fee from Xapo) was received at the 1HAR address around 4 PM on that date.
I think perhaps the issue is that you’re looking at the wrong txid and so getting confused. If the 1HAR… address is part of your Blockchain.info wallet (please double-check that this is so!), the sum should definitely be reflected in your BC.i balance. If not, you need to show BC.i that link and ask them to explain its absence. Hope this helps.

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