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Pervej asked 9 months ago

I have blockchain wallet’s recovery phrase, password, identifer etc except private key. It’s showing, it’s watch only. I can’t transfer balance without private. Two months ago, I have funded the fees of a mining agent. He gave me that wallet. I’m trying to contact with him. Hope soon, He reply of my mail. Now what can I do now? Can recover private key or can i transfer without private key?
Apology for my bad english.

perveh replied 9 months ago

Thank you for your reply.

2 Answers
Steven Hay answered 9 months ago

Hi Perveh,
Unfortunately without the private key there is no way to recover the funds. The private key is the only way to move bitcoins. It is mathematically (virtually) impossible to discover a private key from any of the information you have. Either themining agent gives you the privkey or I’m afraid the funds will remain inaccessible to you.

Prince Udih Chukwuemeka replied 4 months ago

Hello Bitcore, I have the same issue here but the link you gave is not found. I need your help please.

Bitcore replied 6 months ago

You lost bitcoin private key?
Find bitcoin private key with private key finder.

pervej replied 9 months ago

thank u for the reply.

sreenivasaraja answered 9 months ago

Hey pervej, As per your details given, I assume a 50:50 chance to recover back, sh256 reversion. I am a professional and can help you with this and recover your account, but my charge would be 5% of the BTC remaining in your account, if account recovery is successful only. If you are genuine and really interested, please mail me @ [email protected]

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