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Larry Widmayer asked 1 year ago

I hope someone can help me, 
i*m looking for a website that I found about a month ago that paid 2.6 BTC in approximatley 5 min.
it was for android phone, Bitcoin Cloud Mining that you paid for mining. My phone hit an astroid and crashed.
you could use a slider bar and go from.02-2.6 BTC., I have tried and tried but can not seem to relocate it. I would be greatfull for any help in this matter.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Larry,
2.6 BTC is over $25,000 at the current prices. I doubt that any app could give away such amounts and stay in business for long. Unless you actually received this amount in your Bitcoin wallet or it was some kind of high stakes gambling app, I expect it’s more likely that the site was rewarding in units millibitcoin. 2.6 mBTC would be more like $3 which sounds more plausible.
One multiplayer online game site I know of which rewards players with small amounts of Bitcoin (and allows gambling for higher amounts) is Chopcoin.io – pretty fun game this!

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