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anna panna asked 1 year ago

stressed to the max about a hundo grand any help that isnt going to screw me further out i appreciate

i cant seem to figure out where the pass or private key is my husband used to do this for us and hes no longer with us ..ive gone thru every file and notebook hisphone and i cant find anything its been several days since i started ive been protruding hardcore neck veins trying to figure it out and im so dammed frustrated it makes me wanna punch babies   (id never punch a baby but im a super frustrated momma right now please help ) and i have read and read and read and searched forums and what have you you would think by now id know wtf im doing but of course i have no clue and to be honest i just wanna get my money back we put a grip of money into this thing several yrs ago  and ive been a homemaker for 20 yrs and with him gone i really need the money ….. so fuck help me please im talking a few hundred grand people im a dumb ass broad sometimes and do some dumb ass shit …..i just hope i didnt screw it all up on the second day cause when i still couldnt find the dam key for the first wallet i listened to some dude on a different forum and he said to transfer them to a new account in a different wallet with a different company and do the whole sweep deal and like a dummy ii did and   8;O   nothing fucking happened it said something about no transfered or transactions were made and if i wanted to sweep and archive the address so i did and its like the same what amidoing wrong it wont let me pay anything now and it says its a watch only wtf did i do ??and how can i undo it ?? …omg im in tears  “

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hey Anna,
I understand you’re upset. It must be a very distressing situation.
To make progress, let’s try to separate out the facts of the matter and focus on those.
Please tell me which wallet your husband was using, to start.
Next, be very careful about taking advice from random internet strangers. If they’re dishonest, they could steal the bitcoins.
Do you have any message history from the guy who told you to sweep the funds? If so, please paste that. Which wallet did you use for the sweeping process?
Any other technical details would be helpful. Where are you located? Depending on your location and the current state of the Bitcoin wallet, it might be best to bring in a trusted Bitcoin expert to help you out. 

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