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shan07 asked 1 year ago

Can you please tell. some really good legit sites where we can earn without investment i have tried minergate over a month but my account was zero, mining was going on but no satoshi added in the account. its fake.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hey Shan07,
Well, I don’t know the situation with MinerGate so I can’t really comment. We do have an article on them:

MinerGate Review: Is It a Legit Mining Operation?

If the site is legit, then payouts would depend on your hashrate. If you don’t have a fast GPU or specialised mining equipment, it’s conceivable that you wouldn’t have a high enough hashrate to warrant payment. Or the site could be a scam, or something went wrong.
Anyway, the best way to mine, assuming you have the equipment to make it worthwhile, is to join a mining pool. See our Mining Guides section for more.

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