Is real

Gabriel Ashido asked 1 year ago

Please is (legitcoin) real? My link is **affliliate link removed** please check and reply asap

4 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hey Gabriel,
Well… It looks like the typical overhyped ICO which makes big promises and tries to lure in greedy people. It may not be an absolute scam (we don’t know until they launch) but it is certainly a gamble.
On their site, they quote that “1 LEGIT is predicted to reach $70 by March 2018,” with no source. This seems like very blatant and lazy hype.
Personally, I’d stay away from this as it looks like total garbage and could easily be a scam.

Bill Xabrill replied 1 year ago

i agree with you

Steve answered 1 year ago actully doubled my investment, i heard about from a friend of mine and tried it out, it paid off

BitcoinMan answered 12 months ago

I have signed up for the free tokens i have not invested any so pretty much no risk. they are giving out 5 free tokens when you signup: If you are thinking about investing your own coins though please do your own research you can never be to safe with all these ico popping up.

Gibbyx answered 12 months ago

Does anyone know any of the team behind this levitation? And how is their story? Which country are they based in?
This information is important.

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