Is legit?

nat asked 10 months ago

Hello, do you have any experience with this I have recently bought BTC from them, the validation went through quickly and I have received my BTCs, so everything went really well, but I am a bit worried and unsure weather this website is legit or not.

2 Answers
Steven Hay answered 10 months ago

Hi Nat,
OK, so it looks like that is the purchase page for – who describe themselves as follows: “ is a subsidiary of, an Australian-based bitcoin exchange operating from the heart of Melbourne.” claims to have been in business since 2014, which is a fairly long time in Bitcoin world.
I’ve not heard anything bad about either the Australia or UK-based service. I see the Australian site is registered with some or other government body too. I couldn’t find any scam reports or negative reviews about either site.
My impression of the site is that it is indeed legit. If you got your coins after paying for them, that’s always a good sign!

nat answered 10 months ago

Many thanks Steven!

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