iOS wallets

Charles asked 2 years ago

I read all of your reviews on things and although you do not address this subject specifically I have concluded that there are really no wallets for iOS. I e I pad or I phone. Not a hard wallet . For instance if I would buy NEM I have no place to keep it. No internet connection for a desk top or lap top. Any options I have missed? Btw I have learned a ton from your site. Thanks.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hi Charles,
Breadwallet is usually recommended for iOS systems to run as a Bitcoin wallet. There is an iOS wallet available for NEM, see:


For other coins, see their official website (often it’s a .org, as in the case of and look for iOS wallets there. That way, you can be sure the wallet is considered legit by the developers.

Charles replied 2 years ago

Yes they do have a wallet but reviews are devastating. As recent as afewdays ago. Still there is one which states” co figure access to contact in order to stop crashing”. That is utterly foreign language to me. Would anybody elaborate. Darn so much to know to just simply become millionaire.

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