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Abuzer asked 1 year ago

sir, please tell me i see this site
for investment in Cryptocurrency is this real or fake ?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Abuzer,
Please run the site through our Scam page:

The Bitcoin Scam Test

From my own look at the site, it seems very much like a scam. They are promising 7 to 20% per month. These are very, very high returns and suspiciously so. If they do so well in the markets, why not just reinvest their own money? They’d be millionaires very soon. No, I’m afraid this is a case of too good to be true.
As for the site itself, it’s on a very cheap domain and is poorly made. This suggests a lack of resources on their part, which is inconsistent with a professional outfit claiming such proficiency in trading.
I strongly suggest you give this “company” a skip.

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