Investing in Bitcoin?

Tom asked 1 year ago

Who you would recommend following for investing in Bitcoin that watches it like a stock and gives recommendations on when to buy and sell? Someone that follows the candlesticks like a stock.

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

I don’t think you can follow and specific person when it comes to Bitcoin investing. I think you need to make your own decision. This Thursday I will post a detailed post about my thoughts on Bitcoin investments.

Zsofia Elek replied 8 months ago

Hi Milosz, next time, please post a separate question. We do not solicit investment advisory on this site. You can, however, check out our article about Bitcoin investments to see which are the factors you need to consider: If you are looking for information about mining, please read this post first:

Milosz Trudnos replied 8 months ago

Hi, I need some help. I need help finding a trustworthy, ethical, and smart investor to help me invest in bitcoin, alcoins, or ioc’s – whatever works. Any leads would be appreciated, thanks! Also, how many coins can you get per month with mining? I know, different coins, but can you get 50-100 per month on a laptop if you buy some extra hardware? I’ve been looking on the internet, and want to find reliable and trustworthy sources. :) thanks!

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