I want to buy some Ethereum and ripple, but I am facing some problems

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsI want to buy some Ethereum and ripple, but I am facing some problems

Rohit Das asked 1 year ago

Hi, I am from INDIA.
I wanted to buy Ethereum and Ripple at the lowest price and do some trading.
But in India, Exchanges charge more money than what is the price on exchanges like poloniex
I signed up at koinex.in, completed KYC but I can see no candlestick graph like that in poloniex. Along with that, the price of each Ethereum is 10000 INR more than that on poloniex.
Can you please tell me a way to get an Ethereum on popular exchange from INR so that I can trade Profitably??

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Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Rohit,
Well, there are a number of exchanges in India which offer Ethereum, although I can’t guarantee that they are legitimate or reliable: bitxoxo.com, btcxindia.com, buyucoin.com, throughbit.com, coindelta.com, pocketbits.in, coinswitch.co & redipay.com – I don’t know what payment methods they use or their verification procedures either.
I suggest you compare prices across these exchanges. If they all have a similar 10,000 INR premium to the international price, then it won’t much matter for trading purchases. The Indian Etheruem price will still rise and fall mostly according to the int’l Ethereum price.
If however you wish to buy Ethereum on foreign exchanges, you must investigate foreign exchanges which accept Indian clients as well as methods to convert and send INR to these exchanges. The cost of such wire transfers (or other payment services) may or may not cancel out the lack of a premium.

Rohit Das replied 1 year ago

Thanks a lot, Steven I bought them from koinex.in They accept INR and Today I made a profit of 1000 INR… with RIPPLE.

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