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Imad Daou asked 1 year ago

Dear 99bitcoins,

I have commented at the following post https://99bitcoins.com/bitconnect-review-scam-legit/ and here is my comment https://99bitcoins.com/bitconnect-review-scam-legit/#comment-65396 However, I wanted to update my comment, I couldn’t so I tried to reply to myself with update, it was posted and after few minutes disappeared. Hence, I need you please to either post my update as it’s shown below or remove my original comment.

Please add the following as update for my above comment. Thanks. Imad Daou

***Update*** I have joined Bitconnect and read all their resources at bitconnect.co, bitconnectcoin.co, and futuremoney.io and all proved me to be legitimate. So far so good and I am so happy with free course and their platform. What it seemed to me 2 weeks ago was an influence from the amount of hate and jealousy prepared by #fakenews resources toward Bitconnect and crypto currencies overall.

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 1 year ago

Hi Imad,
Your comment is now visible under the article. Please note we moderate comments, this is why your comment has disappeared for a while as it was waiting to be approved by the admin team.

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