I haven’t got a clue

Mick asked 1 year ago

I’m guessing you must be really tired of newbies like me but……
I’ve bought about 3 grands worth of bitcoin, have a btc address and wallet name but am stumped as to who is hosting the wallet.
I’ve done all this on an ipad so i’m guessing no wallet.dat file or anything I can use to either transfer this wallet or import it into another one?
Everything I’ve read seems to sway towards a PC, not much help available for the ipad it seems.
Short of trying to log into every wallet provider do I have any other recourse?
I really don’t want to lose the money i’ve invested so far.
And I can’t find any emails other than those from the company that sold me the btc and they don’t host.

Cheers in advance.

2 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hey Mick,
Not at all, newbies are what keep this space growing!
So, if I understand the situation correctly, you bought $3,000 worth of Bitcoin from an exchange. You then withdrew this BTC from the exchange and sent it to a Bitcoin address. This address was generated by a Bitcoin wallet app you installed on your smartphone and you know the name of the app… Do I have all that correct?
If so, I don’t quite understand the problem. The BTC should now exist within an address in your wallet. It may take a while to arrive there due to the vagaries of the Bitcoin network. Once it hits your wallet, you can do with those bitcoins as you wish – keep them or transfer them to a different address / wallet.
So, if I understand your situation correctly, you are the one who hosts the coins – or more accurately, your mobile wallet contains the smart key which controls the particular address to which the coins are currently attached.
Hope this helps. Please provide followup if you’re still stuck.
Is that correct?

Mick replied 1 year ago

Hey Steve,
Thanks for the quick reply.

My problem is that I didn’t instal an app on my ipad. I signed up for a wallet online but I can’t remember who with. It’s this wallet that currently holds my bitcoins.

Steven Hay replied 1 year ago

Typo: *Smart* key = private key.

Mick answered 1 year ago

Hey Steve, thanks for the quick response.
My problem is that I didn’t use an app, I organised a wallet online but can’t remember who with.

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