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Adeolu asked 2 years ago

Please I want to write to support in but I don’t know how, please can you guide me?

Vikram singh replied 12 months ago

This is basted poor service I’m lost 1 Btc no reply tewiter and mail also

Steven Hay replied 12 months ago

Hi Ulrich,

I think the best is for you to contact’s support and ask them. This page should be the quickest way to ask them a question:

ulrich replied 12 months ago

Hello . I can not access my account wallet and poutant I put the right password, I do not understand what is happening, please can you help me …

Steven Hay replied 1 year ago

Hi Rahisa,

There’s no such thing as a default blockchain address so don’t worry about it.

Rahisa replied 1 year ago

Please what is the meaning of default in blockchain address

Zsofia Elek replied 1 year ago

Hi Michael, I don’t know this site but just by the name seems very shady. If you want to reach Coinbase, please raise a ticket to the Support team here:

Michael Muench replied 1 year ago

Need to access, Blockchain support was helping but they have become hard to reach. What to do ?

Zsofia Elek replied 1 year ago

Hi Nancy, try to follow up with the wallet support team to see what is the issue with your account, they might be able to help you.

Nancy Pfleeger replied 1 year ago

I am not able to access my wallet, will not accept passwords and does not recognize my e-mail. Just deposited money and can not access, help

Zsofia Elek replied 1 year ago

Hi Philip, it is hard to tell from here, I suggest you follow up with the wallet’s support team.

Philip Littlewood replied 1 year ago

I bought some Ethereum coins within my Blockchain wallet awhile ago but today they disappeared from view. What has happened to them please?

3 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

you can use this link in order to contact their support. However they won’t help out in most issues other than if you forgot your wallet login or something. Good luck!

_Iluminox_ replied 12 months ago

European law says: They have to publish a direct email adress.
No support or contactmailer, no fax or phone number, they have to place
a email adress for direct contact!

Thats the european law.

Or you can warn them! $$$
Its against the european laws! xD

Dammy replied 1 year ago

The link to the support doesn’t work … I need where I can be able to write to them

Ofir Beigel replied 1 year ago

Please open a new question for unrelated topics

Jon replied 1 year ago

Sent bitcoin to another wallet and it shows its sent but says unauthorized transaction. It shows its pending but not available for use

player answered 1 year ago

why can you send the money from the wallet to the ADV cash but not on the ADV cash card see what you have sent from the wallet

Vikram singh answered 1 year ago

when I login my blockchain wallet not getting email confirmation link any help me 

Johnny khatchirian replied 12 months ago

Hi someone ack mi blockchain i put 4000$ at the 6 décembre end at the 7 décembre somme one ack me I loose everything end I don’t now haw too get my Money back

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