How to use S9 Antminer

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Steven asked 2 months ago

I have been contemplating buying an S9 Antminer however, am a bit skeptical for the fear of failing to figure out how to put everything together until it starts generating Bitcoin. Does this need a genius or anyone can use it?

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Steven Hay answered 2 months ago

Hey Steven,
It’s not that hard, don’t worry! You plug in the power supply, connect that to the wallet, give it internet access, do a little configuration of the device and setup your pool account… It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to get it running and instructions are included. There are also many guides, including numerous YouTube unboxing and setup videos, which will walk you through the process. It will certainly be easier if you’re familiar with computers but it certainly doesn’t take a genius.

stepby replied 2 months ago

Very many thanks Steve, your effort is very much appreciated. I will go on now!

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