How to set up pgp key for the dark web

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Jaytown asked 10 months ago

I’m trying to figure out how to set up a pgp key is it something easy to do and can you do it with the phone or do you have to do it with a computer thank you

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Steven Hay answered 10 months ago

Hi Jaytown,
I\’m not aware of any good PGP apps for mobiles but I\’d say it\’s best done on a PC anyway. PCs tend to be far more secure than mobile phones, especially if you run Linux.
It\’s not a very straightforward process, to be honest. Start out with some Youtubes videos which explain the core concepts of public key encryption. It\’s a good thing to understand, as it\’s an integral part of cryptocurrency. This video is a good primer:
And so is this Khan Academy historical overview:
Once you have a better understanding of this cool tech, I\’d recommend using the open source Gnu Privacy Guard suite, available at:
Go through the documentation step by step and you should figure it out. Deep dot web has a good guide up:

PGP Tutorial For Newbs (Gpg4Win)

I\’m happy to help if you have any more specific questions.

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