How to read volume on exchanges

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James W Valenta asked 3 months ago

Last updated on January 14th, 2018 at 09:15 pm

What amount increments is the volume on exchange sites. I mean when I get price on current coins it always gives a volume ie 60.2. Is this sixty thousand people or 60?

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Steven Hay answered 3 months ago

Hi James,
Well, I’m not sure which site you’re using or which coin you’re checking, so it’s hard to answer. However, as there’s no way of measuring the people aspect (all 60,000 could be done by any number of people from 1 – 60,000) it can only mean coin volume – or perhaps fiat volume, depending on how the site is measuring.
I suggest looking up your coin of interest in the “search  currencies” box:
You may then compare the reported volume on CMC to your site, which should help you figure out how your site is reporting it. CMC is probably the most accurate site for this sort of thing, they’ve been around a long time and remove sites with false volume regularly.

James W Valenta replied 3 months ago

Example: ZAP uses bitcoin 0.00006178 BTC. Vol= $646,313 USD on CMC, on croptopedia its 25.83? Dont understand?

James W. Valenta replied 3 months ago
Ok thanks, was using crytopia

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