How to market a Bitcoin startup?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersHow to market a Bitcoin startup?

Arvind Patel asked 1 year ago

In your text you main function is to you give talks on marketing and how to market Bitcoin start up.
I am quite keen to understand more and market Bitcoin !
How can you you help with that?
Thank you for your kindness!
Arvind Patel

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Arvind,
I would say that the best marketer of Bitcoin is probably Andreas Antonopoulous – at least in terms of giving presentations. Check out his videos on YouTube. He’s good because he understands Bitcoin really well and shares a lot of useful and interesting insights about it. He’s also a good public speaker.
Basically the best way to market Bitcoin is to educate people about how it works, what its advantages are over fiat money, what it’s potential is (this is a bit subjective) and… basically just tell them the truth in an engaging way.
Of course, if you’re good at regular marketing then you can apply those techniques to the above stuff I mentioned.

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