How to look up addresses???

Jeff Backus asked 1 year ago

I transferred some Bitcoin about a month from my JAXX wallet.  I have the address in my send list @ JAXX.  It does not show up in either of the 2 wallets I thot I sent it to.  Is there any way to look up where the address is linked to?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Jeff,
Yes, this sounds like a job for any Bitcoin block explorer. I usually use for this purpose but there are many alternatives you can use. Just enter the address(es) to which you sent the bitcoins into the block explorer’s search bar and it’ll display the full history for that address. You should then be able to determine what happened by matching up dates and amounts.
If the bitcoin amounts are missing from your Jaxx wallet, they must have been sent *somewhere.* If the transfers failed (perhaps due to fees), then the amounts should have been “returned” to your Jaxx wallet by now… I see no reason why you would be unable to determine where the amounts were sent to, as all this information is recorded in your wallet and the Bitcoin blockchain.

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