How to claim bitcoin from a paper wallet?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsHow to claim bitcoin from a paper wallet?

mohammed ayyub asked 2 years ago

Hello. i just need a bit of info on paper wallets. I have recently made a website and made PayPal links for people to copy n paste in their browser to pay me.( **link removed**)..i made a offline paper wallet through I created it  offline using a paraphrase when i generated the wallet. The problem is i  had  no camera phone or printer. So i could not scan the black squares. i used my public key ( i created in to receive my bitcoin from I received it..its even possible to trace the transaction through block chain explorer. i read somewhere all private keys start with a number 5..well my private key starts with a 6..because it was generated with a paraphrase they call it..i call it password. Now  i have all private key digits. I must tell you ..when i was offline i deleted some digits from my private key.  When i Came back online. i .refreshed and deleted my cache and browsing history. So have i lost all my bitcoins?..£50GBP worth of bitcoin..i always thought if i had the private key i could spend or send funds to wherever. I should of scanned the encryted black squares so i could swipe the funds easily now im left with a lot of digits starting with the number 6 please can you help thank you  M.Ayyub.



sreenivasaraja replied 1 year ago

Contact me @ [email protected] , let me see if I can help.

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