How to claim bitcoin from a paper wallet?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsHow to claim bitcoin from a paper wallet?
Nermin Hilic asked 3 weeks ago

I had some bitcoins  and i am not sure with e-mail adress i had used for earning them and mining. I have couple of possibilities. I did give 10% of my pc capabilities for mining. It was years ago?

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Steven Hay answered 2 weeks ago

Hey Nermin,
Before taking up any offers, I’d suggest you figure out how to claim the bitcoins yourself – it’s really not hard.
Do you have the private key to your paper wallet? If so, don’t share it with anyone as this will give them full access to all your coins. Instead, what you want to do is sweep or import this private key into a new software wallet, like Bitcoin Core or Electrum. Your coins will then be accessible by the software wallet, allowing you to spend them.
Here’s a guide on the sweep vs. import thing, essentially sweeping is better so go with that if your wallet offers it (most do):

Private Keys: Import vs. Sweep

Again, be *VERY* careful about who you share the private key with – if they get it, they can very easily take all your coins even if they’ve made a verbal agreement to only keep a percentage. I wouldn’t trust random strangers to work with my privkeys under any circumstances.

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