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Joda asked 2 years ago

Hi Ofir,
I was a bitcoin holder during the segwit – i held my coins in a Bitcoin Core wallet on my Mac. I still have not claimed my bitcoin cash and i have been scared to do anything with my coins since (incase i stuff it up)
I now want to claim the cash so here is my question.
Because i haven’t been able to find instructions for bitcoin core; can i transfer my balance to my Trezor wallet and then follow the claim procedure for getting the coins using that wallet from there?
or would the initial transfer transaction of moving from one wallet (core) to another (trezor) cause something to not work properly?
Please help!

3 Answers
Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hi Joda,
To answer your first question: no. You can not move your bitcoins from a Core wallet to a Trezor wallet and then claim your bcash using the Trezor process. You will have to use a process which works for the Core wallet.
The reason for this is that only coins held on the date the Bcash fork occurred are eligible to receive Bcash. Any coins sent to your Trezor would be dated to whenever they arrived in your Trezor, and so not eligible to be claimed via the Trezor process.
Before you do anything however, I strongly recommend moving all your bitcoins from your Core wallet to the safety of your Trezor wallet. You are moving them to the Trezor in order to securely store them, not to claim them. Don’t worry, even though the coins will be moved from your Core wallet, the relevant Core process for claiming them will still work.
The process will still work because your Core wallet’s private key is enough to prove that you held the bitcoins in that wallet on the date of the fork. Unfortunately, you will have to expose this private key to a Bcash wallet in order to prove this – and who knows if any other potentially malicious apps or people might be snooping on this process. This is why it’s vital that you send your Core bitcoins to your Trezor first, before attempting the claiming process.
Trezor’s site has many excellent guides on how to safely transfer your bitcoins to your hardware wallet. Please research those and most importantly, backup your Trezor seed phrase accurately and securely before entrusting it with your bitcoins.
Next, I recommend that you install the Bcash Electron light wallet, from:
Then export your private key from the Bitcoin Core wallet (which should be empty, with all the coins it contained now on Trezor) with the following steps for Core:
1) Click on “help” menu, then “debug window”, then the “console” tab
2) Enter: walletpassphrase [your wallet password]5000 (don’t include the square [ ] brackets, only your wallet password if you have set one)
3) Enter: listaccounts <- this will display all your Core addresses which contain bitcoins.
4) Enter: dumpprivkey [address where you have bitcoin](do not include the [ ] brackets, just your BTC address)
5) You will be shown your private key for this address.
6) Repeat the above steps for all addresses which contain value in your Core wallet. Remember to include change addresses. Note down all these private keys.
Now run Electron. Create a new wallet then go to the Wallet > Private keys > Import tab. Enter all your Bitcoin Core private keys into Electron and Sweep them. Your Bitcoin Cash should now be credited to your Electron wallet.
If you decide not to sell all your Bcash, I recommend that you also move it to your Trezor. Note that it must go to the Bcash category / addresses in your Trezor, not to your regular Bitcoin addresses. Consult the Trezor docs for info on swapping between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash mode (the dropdown menu on the left within the Trezor online wallet controls this function).
I suggest you take it slow and research each step thoroughly. I’ve done my best to include all relevant info here while keeping things as simple as possible, however I could have missed a step or made a mistake. Please do your own due diligence, as I can’t accept responsibility if anything goes wrong. The main thing is to FIRST safely transfer your bitcoins to Trezor and accurately and securely record your Trezor seed before doing anything else, that way at least your bitcoins are safe. Good luck!

Joda answered 2 years ago

Hi Steven,
Thank you very much for writing such a comprehensive reply!
To check i understand correctly would you mind checking my understanding:

  1. I am to send my bitcoin from my Core Wallet to my Trezor Wallet using the standard sending and receiving process – by inputting my Trezor address and completing the transfer password. 
  2. Then i am to complete steps 1 to 6 above on my \’now empty\’ Core wallet for all of the addresses that had a balance. 
  3. Add the keys to my new Electron wallet to receive my bitcoin cash balance
  4. Once i have my bitcoin cash in my new Electron wallet, send it to my Trezor for security. 

Thank you again!

Joda answered 2 years ago

Hi Steven,
I just wanted to say thank you again; i followed the procedure and it worked perfectly!
Cheers Joda

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