How to claim BCH from a paper wallet?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsHow to claim BCH from a paper wallet?

Rohan Badra asked 1 year ago

Where can i import it?

Brandon replied 1 year ago


I tried some methods that seemed to work just fine AFTER the Aug 1st fork. I moved some BCH to a regular old legacy BTC paper wallet address using Then I downloaded Coinomi wallet and selected BCH and then swept the private key from that paper wallet into my Coinomi BCH wallet. I just dont have any pre Aug 1st BTC paper wallet balances to confirm this would work. But I cant see why it wouldnt. Another app you could use is the Electron Cash desktop wallet which is a fork of Electrum wallet. I did a step by step tutorial over at my website , click on tab “TSP Questions” then scroll down to “Episode 2068 of TSP”. There I have all of the directions and links to get you there. I would say that if you try this, as a precaution please move your BTC to a different address 1st. I cannot accept any responsibility of lost coins or if you cannot claim your BCH after this but it should work. It really sucks that more people aren’t trying to get more good info out about how to do this. I’m guessing many ppl moved their BTC to paper wallet before this fork and are now wondering this exact same thing. Good luck, and please if you try this would be so kind to contact me and confirm your results? Thanks.

Rohan replied 1 year ago

I did not get the reply for this question,please reply as soon as possible.Thank You

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