How the hell do I make a purchase?!?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsHow the hell do I make a purchase?!?
pat asked 8 months ago

I’m located in Brazil.
I want to purchase some Hubii. I can’t. I try through Coinbase and I even use IPVanish as you suggested to mask my location. It still detects it.
Bitpay doesn’t allow Eth purchases and CEXiO doesn’t allow to purchase.
Would like for someone to tell me what am I doing wrong or not seeing.
Thanks in advance! )

2 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 8 months ago

Hi Pat, 
You can check out this article about how to buy Ethereum, Besides and Coinbase you can also purchase from Coinmama. If you are not able to find an exchange, you can first purchase Bitcoin and then convert it to Ethereum.

pat answered 8 months ago

Thank you Zsofia,
Coinbase detects my location event though using a VPN. 
Coinmama seems to be an alternative and then going through Virwox to exchange.
A bit tedious but no choice for now.

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