how I can create a virtual coin and Salle for no registries clients

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[email protected] asked 11 months ago

How to build a virtual currency and sell it without mination?
Does it need to be backed up or not needed? Do I need to choose the volume to be available in the first ICO and still be able to make other offers afterwards until I reach the defined total? Example: Issuance of 50 billion coins. First ico; 25 billion and the second offer and for the next year!
I need to make the ICO restricted or could already make the opening for small buyers.
How to have unidentified buyers? Is this possible and legal? How to do this operation?
How can a legalized purchaser, or whoever has identified himself, sell the currency to a third party and not identify himself? In other words, the first buyer can only transfer ownership of the currency by code to anyone that creates a virtual caraway and transfers? Then the unidentified person is left with the prior’s wallet and the latter can transfer to third parties or buy things without being identified.

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Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hi Giuliano,
Well, this is a big, big question, with a lot of technical and legal aspects which I’m unqualified to comment on.  You really need a team of experts to advise you on something like this… Although I did find this ICO generator, which should at least help on the technical side of things:

Build your own token sale with CoinLaunch’s CoinCreator

There are also links on the CoinLaunch site which should help with the other aspects you mention.

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