how do you send or receive bitcoin

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Gerard asked 3 months ago

Good day I came across your website on the Internet find it very informative, I am very new to bitcoin just want to know how do you send or receive bitcoin (if you receive bitcoin you provide bitcoin address/Qr code) or email address of person you receive it from is this the same for sending (confused).
I haven’t done transaction as of yet wish I have come across your website before you discontinued the free bitcoin.
Kind regards
From sunny South Africa

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 3 months ago

Howzit Gerard,
Well, to receive Bitcoin you first need a Bitcoin wallet. This wallet will generate and contain your Bitcoin receiving addresses. You copy and paste these addresses as text or QR codes and send them out to your payee to receive a payment.
To pay, the process works in reverse. You copy and paste your recipients address as text or as a QR code then authorise the sending of BTC from your wallet to theirs.
I suggest signing up for our Bitcoin Beginner’s Course. It’s free and gives you access to a great series of walkthrough videos which explain the basics of Bitcoin:

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