How do i buy bitcoin in UAE and which website or exchange is safe?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsHow do i buy bitcoin in UAE and which website or exchange is safe?
Vo Dang Tung asked 2 years ago

Hi Ofir,
Greeting from Vo in UAE,
I am one of your fan on your blog recently, Since i have never think about currency, but got to know it through the internet and mouth to mouth basically.
I started to search and see your site on google, going through the wallet and so on, I also went to to open an account with the site, but only after discover this platform does not support in UAE,
I thought i may go for paypal, but then i search for “buy bitcoin in UAE” and see this site, but again did search for review, here are so many complains I think i follow this site since it supports in UAE “may be”, here is another site

I did search for review and see also many nagative reviews,
So could you please help me to find out which ones is the best to buy bitcoin here in UAE?

Many Thanks,

Kind Regards,


1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hi Vo,
I wasn’t aware that supported the UAE but if you’ve confirmed that they do, then they’re a pretty reasonable option. The major complaints I’ve heard about CEX is that transactions with them are sometimes delayed for a long time.
Are you looking to buy on CEX with credit card? If so, you should compare their rates and reputation with exchange. CoinMama are a good exchange and I’ve yet to hear anything bad about them. Credit card purchases are fairly expensive in fees however.
If you’re looking to buy with PayPal, you should be aware that this is probably the most expensive purchase method around. You can use PayPal on the exchange but it’s a rather complicated process (we have a guide to it:
It seems BitOasis will be your easiest option for a bank transfer. This payment method is usually the cheapest in terms of fees. I’m not aware of bad user reports about this exchange but if you found some, then you should consider carefully whether you trust this exchange.
Finally, you should consider using the decentralised exchange. They will help you to find and trade safely with an individual in your location, using whichever payment method they accept. While you will usually pay a bit more this way, it’s often the most convenient and private way to buy bitcoins.

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