How do I buy AltCoins if I am a resident of Hawaii?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsHow do I buy AltCoins if I am a resident of Hawaii?
Jeff Goodman asked 3 years ago

How do I buy AltCoins if I am a resident of Hawaii?

Gus replied 2 years ago

Bittrex not opening new accounts. Website says “upgrading”. Heard can buy with Upload
but their reviews are bad and had problems cashing out of cryptocurrency.

Steven Hay replied 2 years ago

Hi Ronald,

You can fund a Bittrex account using altcoins, sure. Bittrex are located in Las Vegas as far as I know, but I guess you meant your location… Should work from anywhere.

Zsofia Elek replied 3 years ago

Hi Ronald, certainly, once you managed to buy BTC then you can use that the purchase altcoins.

Ronald Tanaka replied 3 years ago

Is buying AltCoins a way to deposit funds into Bittrex (in Hawaii)?

3 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 3 years ago

Hi Jeff,
The cryptocurrency regulation in Hawaii is not too favorable nowadays. You can try however Bitstamp or Kraken to purchase some coins with credit cards. 

Steven Hay replied 2 years ago

Hi Lina,

Yes, you can certainly transfer Ethereum and it’s related ERC-20 tokens from Kraken into MEW.

LIna replied 2 years ago

Hi Zsofia,
I tried Kraken and I am getting approved now for some levels of trading they have. Have you tried this one and can you transfer your crypto from it to your MEW after you buy tokens in Kraken?
Sorry I am bothering you and hopefully this message reaches you at some point 🙂 Mahalo

Maui guy answered 2 years ago you can use Various Bitcoin peer networks to buy bitcoin!
Bitstamp and kraken do not work for hawaii residents!!!
It is directly against hawaii regulations to purchase Bitcoins direct from an exchange with USD however, you can use peer to Various Bitcoin peer networks

Kaulana Colburn replied 2 years ago

What regulation restricts Hawaii residents from purchasing cryptocurrencies with USD?

Steven Hay replied 2 years ago

Hi Lina,

Yes, so it seems. I know Coinbase doesn’t accept clients from Hawaii. It’s interesting that you got approved for Kraken as people have reported it doesn’t work for Hawaii… be prepared for Kraken to disallow you when they see where you’re from.

I can’t vouch for as I’ve never used them and haven’t done any research into them. That they accept PayPal is interesting. If you try them, I suggest you buy a small amount via PayPal as this will keep your credit card info secret and if there are any shenanigans, PayPal are very good about returning your funds.

I would feel most comfortable suggesting as a site I know to be reliable. Provided you follow their procedures when making your trade with an individual, you should be perfectly safe.

Lina replied 2 years ago

Ha WOW, it is against Hawaii regulations? this is so weird ….. why would we be so behind the whole world here??? So is the a safe place to give my credit card info? Have you tried it?

amy.chen48 answered 2 years ago

Lived in Hawaii for a while and never had a problem buying bitcoin via Very fast and reliable.

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