How can I complain about a bitcoin company ?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsHow can I complain about a bitcoin company ?

Alvaro Lima asked 2 years ago

Last updated on January 17th, 2018 at 05:23 am

I would like to complain about a bitcoin company What is the best place to do it ?

duke of deliciousness replied 5 months ago

If you get emails from them, it’s not really them but a scammer. clicking unsubscribe only lets them know your email is active.

I know as I did this….once. I never use bitcoin and I had one appear, I clicked unsubscribe before deciding to check their email address. It read [email protected]

These emails keep appearing in my junk folder and I just keep reporting them. Each email they send use a different address.

You’ve been had, my friend. They scammers use an automated email that changes each time the timed sender emails them out.

Just keep them in the junk folder. Eventually they’ll close down their scam and move on.

Paul Carey replied 5 months ago

I keep getting emails from Bitcoin
I’ve never subscribed 2 them I keep unsubscribing 2 them but the fuckers keep sending me shite fuck them

Julia Royall replied 6 months ago

I have never bought bitcoin but I get so many emails. It seems impossible to stop them. I have clicked on the link to unsubscribe, I don’t remember ever subscribing, and I’m sent to an inspirational quote site.

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Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Alvaro, I’m very sorry to hear that. In regards to cloud mining the only thing I can say is that it’s either a scam or just not worth the investment. I know this may be too late however here’s a piece I wrote about this subject over a year ago.
In general I’d avoid any cloud mining / Bitcoin doubling websites. If you want this to be heard perhaps you can post your personal story + proof on or

Alvaro Lima answered 2 years ago

Hi Ofir,
Thanks for the prompt response.
I have in fact two complaints. I am an investor from Brazil and I am learning about the bitcoins.
The first is about a Miner company called GENESIS MINING ( ). They made a mistake and because of that mistake they stopped paying me the bitcoins they were paying daily, after I had complaint to them that it has stopped… they reactivated it but didn’t paid me for the 7 days it hasn’t paid.
The worst is that they are not answering my emails and phone calls. I sent several emails to the owners, one of them is Marco Streng, but it looks like he is too busy to answer it.
The second company is another minery company called The Miners ( ) 
I did a Withdraw 5 days ago, they say in their page the withdraws would be immediately but after 5 days it is still pending. I sent two or three emails asking what was the problem but no answer from them.
For me this kind of behavior will make the bitcoin community to evolve.
Before I sue them is there any regulator I can talk to or something I could do. They are doing a deservice to the evolution of bitcoin. 
If you can help me I will appreciate ! Thanks in advance.
Best Regard 
Alvaro Lima

G K Sarma answered 1 year ago

Hello Admin, 
I have a common complain regarding two bitcoin websites namely, and I have invested some BTC on their plan.
But, their website is not active for last week. Whenever I open their website it says 
This site can’t be reached. 
Is their any way out in getting them or to make complain on them? 
Please guide me. 
With Regards,

lydia answered 5 months ago

Greed will make anyone poor and sorry.  There is nothing to back up the cryptocurrency except an empty promise. The winners in this game are the promoters and the rest are losers.

gmark7019atGmailDotCom answered 4 months ago

I recently recovered stolen bitcoins from Binance. they would not allow me withdraw my money and refused to pick any of my calls. I was lucky to have been introduced to a professional who help in getting back all my coins. Lesson learnt! Happy to share my experience.

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